BMW X3  X Drive  351 2970 Cc  Petrol Engine 4WD  Air Condition,Power Steering
Power Windows Dual Airbags Rear Spoiler,Rear Wiper/Water
Thrower Rear Screen Defrost, Central Locking,White
Colour  Back Camera Single Cd Player,Fm And Am Radio
Automatic Transmission 2011/June
Abs Power Mirror/Retract, Indicators On The Mirror Front Door Tutor
Rav Counter,Front/Rear Door Speakers, Wind Breakers ,X-Nenon Hdd
Lights Fog Light  Rear Seat Head/Hand Rest,Electric/Power Seats ( Front / Back Movement Back Rest
And Side Movement ) Factory Tinted Glass Alloy Wheels,Multi Function/Cruise  Steering Wheel,Push Start


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