Stainless Steel Brand New Bulk Milk Cooling Tank-500 Lts Overflow Capacity : 500 Ltr. Design :Closed Cylindrical Type Model :Bimal -500L Construction Material :Inner & Outer In Stainless Steel AISI 304 ( Food Grade )   Refrigeration Details Make: :Emersion -1 No  Type :Direct Expansion, Hermetically Sealed, Reciprocating Condenser : Emersion -1 No Agitators : Programmable Automatic Agitation Construction Stainless Steel 1 No of 25 RPM  Insulation :Injected PUF Of 50 MM Thick And 40 Kg/m³  Volume Measurement : Stainless Steel Dip Stick Provided With Calibrated Chart  Power Supply :240 V 3 Phase Power Display : Electronic Temperature Display Unit
1.Ksh 550,000/= 500   Liters
2.Ksh 1.2 Million 1000 Liters
3.Ksh 1.4 Million 2000 Liters
4.Ksh 3.2 Million 5000 Liters


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