Photographs And Specifications For Feed Mixers 300,500 And 1000 Kg
Working Capacity Electric Motor Driven,

Feed Mixers polyethylene
300 MIN P / 500 MIN P / MIN 500 PR 350 / 1000 MIN P
Mixer Feed MIN-P Incomagri application has as dry mix products in the preparation of food for
daily treatment of animals. Its durability and efficiency allows its use in industrial, commercial
and store the mixture itself. Easy operation ensures a perfect blend in 15 minutes. It is powered
by stationary engines. Mixing different kinds of dry products such as sorghum, ground corn,
soybean meal, wheat, cotton and rice. Mixer Feed MIN 500P 350mm threaded application has as
a mixture of wet grains.

Notes – equipment tested and approved for dry mix products such as soybean meal, wheat bran,
pollard (sieve up to 05mm), sorghum, corn grain, cottonseed meal and rice bran.
Key Features Major Applications


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