Used And Refurbished Drilling Rig Suitable to to Drill 6½” Diameter to a Depth Of 300 Meters Under Favorable Drilling Conditions.
Scope Supply includes:
* Rig Mounting:
Sturdy Structural Channel Mast With 15 Ft Rod Handling Capacity, Rotary Head Assembly With Rotation Motor, Water Injection Pump, P.T.O. Arrangement etc.
* Carrier Truck Chassis: Ashok Leyland Make And Model 2516 Truck for Mounting Of Drill Rig And Compressor.
* Air Compressor: ELGI /Atlas Copco Make of Capacity 1100 CFM / 300 PSI For Carrying Out The DTH Drilling Operations.
2 4 ½” Drill Rods: 4.5″ (114.3 mm) x 15 Ft. Long Drill Rods
3 6½” Hammer Assembly
4 6½” Bits for 6½” Hammer
5 9” OB Bit
6 8″ Hammer Assembly
7 8” Bit for 8” Hammer
10” Bit for 8” Hammer


Drilling Capacity 300 Meters (1000 Feets )

Prime Mower Of The Hydraulic Pumps Truck /Deck Engine Of Suitable Capacity
9. Hydraulic Pump Used Radial Piston And Gear Pump.
10. Maximum Operating Pressure 230 Bar
11.Hydraulic Tank Capacity 800 Liters
12.Mast Construction Channel Structure
13.Mast Suitable To Handle 20 Ft Rod
14.Centralizer Opening 18
15.Pull Of Force 1300 Kgs
16.Pull Down Force 9000 Kgs
17.Pull Up Speed 40 Mts / Min
18.Rotation Speed In Series Circuit 0-120 RPM
19.Rotation Speed In Parallel Circuit 0-60 RPM
20 Maximum Torque In Series Circuit 450 Kgmts
21 Maximum Torque In Parallel Circuit 900 Kgmts
22 Hydraulic Jacks  ( Stabilizers ) 4 No Of Box 0125 x 70 x 610 Mm Stroke
23.Break Out Wrench To Open The Drill The Joints ) 0125 x 350 Mm Stroke
24.Water Injection Pump 80 LPM @ 40 Bar
25.Airline Lubricator Capacity 30 Liters
26.Maximum Working Pressure Of The Lubricator 350 PSI
27. Auxiliary Winch 1000 Kgs
28. Accessories/ Optional Attachment Wielding Alternator Main Winch With Jib And Boom Arrangement On The Top Of Mast
29 Suitable Mud Pump 8 x 6 Driven By Either A Separate Engine  Or With Hydraulic Motor
30 Suitable Compressors 1100 CFM,300 PSI Or 1200 CFM,330 PSI

Total Ex Works Usd$105000
Total Landed Cost Mombasa Kenya Ksh 17,500,000/= ( Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand Only


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