Capacity Up to 28 ton/h*
Cut sizes 24 (2 to 36 mm)
Number of blades 12
Number of gathering drums 4
Number of rotor 1
Power source Tractor PTO
Recommended power at PTO 50 to 80 Hp
Required revolution at PTO 540
Transmission system Belt & Pulley
Weight 600 Kg
* Productivity Might Vary And Depends On The Following Factors: Cut Size; Productivity Of Forage Per Hectare; Tractor Power; Logistic Capacity (Wagons)for Forage Transportation



• New Rotor With 12 “C” Shaped Blades
Stable And Resistant
Protects The Rotor Against Wearing
It Breaks The Maize Grain Skin
Carriage Bolt That Simplifies Maintenance

• New Gathering Platform With Higher Intake Capacity
Longer Durability Of Gears
Less Stress For Tractor

• New Thicker Rotor Box Bottom
Longer Durability

• New Elevating Tube With No Internal Weldings
Improves Forage Flow Because Of Less Friction Points

• New Belt 5V Super HC
Improves Up To 40% The Power Transmission Efficiency From The Tractor To The Rotor

• New Stronger Card an Shaft
More Resistance

Price Ksh 1.4 Million



Increases Up To 20% The Harvesting Speed

Lower Power Consumption

More Resistant

Longer Durability

Safe To Use Machine: Projected According To European Norms (CE)

Harvests Any Forage, With The Several Optional Heads Available


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