DAIRY EQUIPMENT 1. Stainless Steel Brand New Bulk Milk Cooling Tank-2000 Lts  Overflow Capacity :2,000 Ltr. Type :2 AII  Design :Open Half Cylindrical Type  Construction Material :Inner & Outer in Stainless Steel AISI 304(Food grade)  Refrigeration Details  Compressor Make: : Emerson Climate- 2 Nos Type :Direct Expansion, Hermetically Sealed, Reciprocating  Condenser : Emerson Climate -Air Cooled-2 Nos  Type of refrigerant : R22 Agitators : Programmable Automatic Agitation  Construction :Stainless Steel 2 Nos Of 25 RPM Insulation :Injected PUF Of 50 MM thick and 40 Kg/m³  Volume Measurement :Stainless Steel Dip Sticks Provided With Calibrated Chart  Power Supply : 415 V 3 Phase Power  Display : Electronic Temperature Display Unit. Ksh 1.3 Million


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