PDm 3 a 3 Post Hole Digger: Medium Duty Model Without Any Auger. 3-Point Hitch Mounted. PTO Drive Line With Over Load Protection. For Tractors  [Up To 60 HP]. Category-15 Or Category-2 With 22 mm Or 28 Mm [7/8” Or 1-1/8”] Pins. Boom Construction: Structural Steel H1 00* W60* t5. Must Construction: Structural steel Ø60 *t5. Usd$1100 Ex Works Fob

Different Auger Sizes And Dimensions 
1  A15MS, 15 Cm    Single Flight Auger [6”]   Auger Length 80 Cm.  Usd $300
 2 A20 MS, 20 Cm   Single Flight Auger [8”]   Auger length:  80 Cm. Usd $300
3. A30 MS, 30 Cm   Single Flight Auger [12”] Auger length:  80 Cm  Usd $370
4  A40 MS  40 Cm   Single Flight Auger [16”] Auger Length: 80 Cm Usd $440
All the Auger Prices Are Ex Works FOB


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